Lysa's Rockstar shots.73 Tim Hall, born Timothy Patrick Hall March 22, 1960 is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist living in Los Angeles. Originally from the Bay Area, Hall spent his early years listening to San Francisco based radio station KFRC and picking up on the sounds of the Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, 70s funk including Sly and the Family Stone, and Motown.

By the early 70s when Hall hit high school, the aspiring young guitarist had started his first band with schoolmates, and was jamming to the sounds of Bad Company, Mott the Hoople, Montrose etc. But it wasn’t until one fateful night in the summer of 1975 , when a broadcast of the television show “Burt Sugarman’s Midnight Special” transformed him instantly. There appeared on the television four ghastly figures in 7 inch platform shoes and black and white grease paint, donned in leather who incinerated the stage and assaulted the audience with an otherworldly sound. The band of course was Kiss. And like so many millions of teenagers to follow, they became his central heroes in the music industry.

Hall’s vocal prowess began to take form by tearing apart harmonies laid down on the Queen albums “Night at the Opera” and “Day at the Races”, as well as taking tonal and style queues from vocal favorites Freddy Mercury (Queen), Paul Rodgers (Bad Company) and Lou Gramm (Foreigner), confessing “I would sing along with those records day and night.” Study with prominent Oakland CA vocal coach Judy Davis (Barbra Streisand, Eddie Money, Eric Martin, etc) followed in the early 80s.

In 1986 Hall migrated to Los Angeles with three other musicians – guitarist Steve McKnight, bassist Phil Deckard, and drummer Paul Cancilla. Together they formed the hard rock band Cry Wolf, who despite their 80’s “pretty boy” image also packed a formidable musical punch. Considered a “musician’s band” in many circles, there were even rumors that all four members were teachers at Hollywood’s Musician’s Institute, which was far from true. It was nothing more than chemistry at work. Despite packed shows on the Sunset Strip, American labels failed to “get it”, but a unique situation arose – the band was offered a tour of Japan, which led to signing a record contract with Epic/Sony, and another tour and the band’s first music video, which was immensely popular on Japanese music tv channels. Eventually, the band was signed to Indie label Grand Slamm, under the marketing of IRS Records, and toured the US in support of their album “Crunch”, and their video for the song “Pretender”, which went to the first hour of MTV’s “Headbanger’s Ball” before the band’s gear was stolen in mid-tour in Texas and the label shelved them.

After disbanding in the early 90’s, Hall returned to his guitar studies and embraced a more roots-based musical style, digging into the styles of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hank Williams, Robert Johnson, Brian Setzer, and much, much more, recording in isolation 3 full – length albums of original material, some of which became the foundation for his next musical project – a Neo-Rockabilly trio named Fast Otto, with bassist Tom Clowry and drummer Rob Thompson. Regulars at the Cat Club on the Sunset Strip, along with several other venues in the L.A. area, Fast Otto performed at least a hundred if not more shows, sometimes on two different stages in the course of one night, and released a CD entitled “Bluesabilly Deluxe” via iTunes, Amazon etc.

In 2010 a reunited Cry Wolf released a second CD, “Twenty Ten”, also on iTunes, etc. The band played shows in the area with the likes of Fuel, Dokken, BulletBoys and the Tubes.

In 2012 Hall took a break from performing live to focus on other projects, including a solo album, 2015’s “Songs From the Black Oasis”, also available in all the usual online music stores. From his ReverbNation bio –
“Tim Hall steps out solo with his recording “Songs From The Black Oasis”, and a wide sonic palette is offered- ranging from soulful Hard Rock, delicate acoustic Folk and a Gospel-tinged ballad to Blues-infused Electronica, hard Urban Swing and straight-up Southern Rock.
Hall’s compositions have been described as cinematic.”

Hall has for a long time taken a DIY approach to producing his own recordings, and most recently his own videos for the songs “Radar” and “New Morning”.