Wait for no one.

sunrise56 years ago today, two hot messes welcomed one of their own into the world, and the perfect storm was created. A lifetime of tantrums and reprimand, glory and celebration, highs and lows, lucky breaks as well as unlucky ones, good decisions as well as bad, dreams both realised and vaporized has followed. All of them lessons. The biggest one I carry with me every day is this; there is no more precious resource at your disposal than time. You never know how much you have, and you can’t get it back.

Aside from my family, the most important people in my life all came to me through my desire and interest in music; from a young age this was in my heart and what I wanted most to do with my life. This has been, to say the very least, pivotal. To quote James Allen – “for you will always gravitate toward that which you, secretly, most love.” It’s as if we were all in the same stream of conciousness, and therefore met.

The most amazing quality of humans is the capacity to learn – think of it in simple terms; you didn’t fall out of the womb fluent in the language you speak – you knew nothing of it at all. But you mastered it by learning. It sets us apart from every other species on the planet by a wide margin.

So now, whatever speaks to you – to your heart, listen to its calling. Don’t know how to do the thing you secretly wish to do? You can learn it. And through that knowledge will come new forms of self-expression, and through that, you will enter a new stream of conciousness perhaps you never thought possible, and from that you may meet new kindred spirits in the same stream. The important thing is to start. Wait for no one, and especially not for their validation. The real validation comes from the journey, not the destination. The experience. What you learn. What you share of it. Expect nothing in return, except for your soul to be enriched.

When he’s not slugging it out in the L.A. workforce, Musician/DIY’er/Solopreneur Tim Hall avidly pursues the honing of his skills at Music/Video Production, Web Development, and the Perfect Cup of Coffee. His latest release, "Songs from the Black Oasis" can be found at iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon etc.
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