Do it for the love of it.


Someone I know, upon listening to my story, said to me “You must just do it for the love these days.”

What a strange thing to say, I thought.

Why else would you do this? To make money? Listen, take my advice – if money is your passion, pick an occupation that’s a little easier to succeed at, which is just about anything. Go to school. Become a doctor. A lawyer. Or a CPA. But if your passion is to create something, anything, music, art, literature, or a better teapot, do it for the love of it. Why? because if you don’t, it’ll SUCK. Period. Your soul has to go into it, and you can’t afford to muck it up by second guessing a fickle public and worrying about making money. In the words of one of my early heroes, Ian Hunter, from his book Reflections of a Rock Star – “Fuck the money, it’ll come.” Ian was the lead singer of the 70’s British Rock group Mott the Hoople in case you’re from another planet, and in 2012 he made a record at the ripe young age of 72 that kicks ass. I’m no genius, but I’m guessing it’s because he “does it for the love of it”.

So this is where I get back on the ride, look around the site and you’ll see I’ve done a thing or two. I loved it then and I love it now. Ain’t gonna change. Where it all leads? I have no idea. But I need to do this, to be complete. I’ve always been this way, ain’t gonna change, no way, no how.

Love is more than chocolates and roses and Valentine’s Day. Love is a force that drives you. Who knows how different our world would be if Sir Isaac Newton, The Wright Brothers, The Beatles or Steve Jobs didn’t love what they did.

Love is all there is. It fuels everything, it is free, and infinitely abundant. Whatever you do, make it good, and DO IT FOR THE LOVE OF IT.

When he’s not slugging it out in the L.A. workforce, Musician/DIY’er/Solopreneur Tim Hall avidly pursues the honing of his skills at Music/Video Production, Web Development, and the Perfect Cup of Coffee. His latest release, "Songs from the Black Oasis" can be found at iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon etc.
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2 thoughts on “Do it for the love of it.

  1. Life on the edge. Minute one till now. For the love of it! Never to change never did never will never could…….Delusional or not Alpha Mind ,legendary Soul, Heroes heart.Once a similar soul who has also stared down a gun taught me the meaning of what is a NARCISSIST & of a VAGABOND ,am I those things? maybe so from time to time ! But know if you are being Car jacked in the big city , youll want someone like us around to save you. Then ROCK YOU TO YOUR CORE AMONG ELECTRIC VOLTS OF POWER, then Turn and smile walk away expecting nothing in return. For the love of it .I never chose this life it chose me………….. 4 the love of it

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